How To Be A Better Presenter

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How To Be A Better Presenter

Want to master the skill of presenting to an audience? More than 50% of the North American population rank fear of public speaking AHEAD of death! There’s a lot of stress and anxiety around this topic. Here are 8 areas that you can instantly do to immediately improve your presentation skills.

1. “Connect”

So the first minute or two that you start speaking, make sure you use caring to establish rapport with your audience. People instantly fall in love with those that are caring! You may say something like “I really appreciate some of you who came straight from work. That shows your commitment!”

Also, using eye contact in the front row (will allow you to connect the entire audience in the back aswell) and allow your message to sink in!

2. Be YOU!

Who are you off stage? Are you being that same person on stage? I found that the main reason I was struggling on stage was because I was trying to be a “perfect” person – someone who was really professional! But who am I kidding?! I am human. People want to see the “real & raw” you! That’s what makes you stand out, not to mention – WAY less stressful for you as a speaker! People fall in love with authenticity! So why not be vulnerable? Share your heart! I once heard that people will hate you for your successes but love you for your failures!! Because lets face it, most people don’t talk about it – but why? Everyone HAS failed in life, and NOT everyone has achieved huge success! So you instantly become relatable, which makes you likeable AND memorable!

3. Be of Service

People only get nervous to speak in front of an audience ‘when’ they are entirely focused on THEMSELVES! This defeats the whole purpose of delivering a good talk! If you want to instantly improve your presentation skills, always serve and bring value to others! Your entire focus should be on your message and making an impact.

4. Don’t Read

Try your best to jot the MAIN ideas down, to keep you on track and reference by quickly taking a glance and then speak from your heart! When someone sounds too well rehearsed it causes a disconnect because we don’t sound like that in real life.

5. Story telling

Anyone can be a good speaker, but the real gift is in the delivery. When you wrap everything into a story, it shuts off the logical part of the mind – so the story becomes more important than the message. Take note of all the real life things that have happened to you and write these stories down. When you’re going to do a talk, you’ll be able to reference them when needed – because you can always tie a lesson you’re teaching to a real life example. People will remember it more when it’s tied to a story! And be sure to inject emotion into your talk – use humour if you need to! People LOVE being entertained!!!

6. Clear Order & Message

Write an outline so you have a well thought out introduction to what you are going to be speaking about, a middle – which includes the meat of your talk and finish it up with a nice close!! And practice, practice, practice! You may want to record yourself on audio or video, so you can hear what you sound like! Listening to yourself is the best feedback – because you’ll know right away what does or doesn’t sound right!

7. Your Physiology

Some of the best speakers in the world would say, stand in one spot and don’t distract your audience with your hand gestures. And then there are others who would argue that you should by using physiology because as much as 55% of communication is body language! While there is no right or wrong, I personally think somewhere right in the middle is best – because that’s how we ‘naturally’ are. And I believe that you should be YOU! So how are you off stage? I think that if you use too much body language it could distract people from your talk, so use simple gestures. You can also move around, but don’t be pacing (another distraction)!

8. Trust Yourself

When you’re nervous you’re NOT in a peak state – which severely limits you and your ability to perform at your best! So every time you are going to speak, tell yourself “I trust you!” “You are going to be amazing!” Talk to yourself the way you would talk to someone you deeply cared about.

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