6 Traits Of Highly Effective Leaders

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6 Traits Of Highly Effective Leaders


Leadership is never “all about me,” it’s about taking ourselves out of the equation and focusing on contribution. So what makes leaders incredible at what they do? Once we can identify what sets them apart, all we need to do is model them and we can get the same results.


So Here are 6 Traits Of Highly Effective Leaders:


1. Trailblazer
– Generally, when we think of a leader, we think of someone who is fearless. They go where there is no path. They’re the ones stepping out of their comfort zone into an unknown territory. And it’s not like these leaders aren’t afraid, they’re very afraid just like everybody else – but they do it regardless. Because they know that in order to be successful, they need to step out of their comfort zone. They hit challenges and bumps on the road, they fall down – but the difference is that they keep getting back up. They’re resilient and jump from failure to failure with blood, sweat, and tears if they have to!

2. Integrity
– Definitely a big one and pretty much speaks for itself! Nothing will make you lose credibility faster than if you just talk the talk and don’t walk the walk. Leaders MUST be a person of their word. If you say you are going to do something, do it! Practice what you preach. Don’t tell others to do something if you’re not willing to do it yourself!

3. Authenticity
– This one is SO special and may be something that people underestimate! But authenticity and being vulnerable enough to share your truth is one of the most beautiful traits of an impactful leader. People love a leader who is REAL and RAW! Talk about your success AND your failures. Because people will hate you for your success and love you for your failures. So what did you struggle with? What are your weaknesses? This makes you more relatable! Being vulnerable is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t show that you’re weak, but rather, one with incredible strength to keep going – THIS is what people admire! So embrace your past and be open enough to share it so you can help others! It will paint a picture of what success truly takes and it shows people what’s possible if they keep plowing through!

4. Be a Servant
– Find a way to get a group of people to experience “their needs” at a deep level & together you can get ANYTHING done!! Because needs are what we’re after. A leader who thinks they’re going to lead by demand or position, will only lead for a short period of time. If your intent is to serve something bigger then yourself – then the focus is always on others. And leadership doesn’t just have to be career- related, it could be serving your family!! Keep in mind, when you serve – you stop caring what other people think. Because your main motive is to help people!

5. Knowledge is power
– So keep growing! This is one of the most important steps to leadership! Robin Sharma, Author of “The Leader With No Title” says ~ ‘Victims have big TV’s. Leaders have big library’s.’ That’s because not only are we building our skills, but we’re learning more about ourselves. When we know and keep developing our potential, we can effectively help more people. Choose what suits you best – whether it’s reading, listening to audios or visually watching something.

6. Caring
– The best leaders lead with their heart. Those leaders who try to micro-manage their team and use their title as an authority to earn power is useless. We are emotional creatures and will perform our best when a leader shows they care. You know the saying “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care?!” That sums it up.

Pay special attention to all of the leaders you love and admire in your life. And take note that the reason is usually because you can identify some of those same aspects within yourself. So turn up the volume to what’s “already” within you and get into action!

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