How Network Marketing Changed My Life

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How Network Marketing Changed My Life

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Hey there, beautiful mama!


Over the last few years many people have reached out to me asking advice about Network Marketing and more specifically “why I left it.”

But I never left. I still have my business…(thankfully)!

It’s interesting, I would always hear people say “prepare for impact” because you never know what life will throw at you – but i never thought too much of it, because I was young and you just never think ‘those things’ will happen to you, right? 

If you’ve seen my ‘story’ i posted on Instagram a couple of months ago, some of you may have got a glimpse of what happened. 

But to make a long story short, I was faced with sooo many different health symptoms that appeared OUT OF THE BLUE – leaving doctors scratching their heads with literally no answers for THREE years (THIS was terrifying on its own).

So I had to take a step back from work and prioritize my health (which is what I ‘should’ have done right from the get go – another lesson learned)!

Why am I telling you this?

Because I’ve done A LOT of reflecting over the years and what I can say from my experience is that Network Marketing is a brilliant business model. I have now been with the same company for over a decade and for 7 of those years I poured my heart and soul into it + my team and I have built a strong, thriving business (so grateful).

It’s been so amazing that it allowed me to take these THREE YEARS OFF of working it, so that I could:

  • Rest, heal & reclaim my health.
  • Pay for alternative health care, which isn’t cheap (because I refused to go to doctors who’s only goal was to give me a drug to mask what’s “really” going on).
  • Go back to school for a year and follow my passion.
  • Publish two books…(funny because I never considered myself a writer). But hey, journaling & writing was therapeutic for me during this time!
  • Do heavy research and go to multiple healers, practitioners, coaches, seminars to learn everything I could about healing so I could take matters into my own hands & be my own doctor.

It’s been quite the journey! I have gone through A LOT – and although, I’ve been through hell and back – I wouldn’t take back any of it! Pain is our greatest teacher and by hitting rock bottom & persevering, we build enormous strength. I’m a lot more present, happier & have a new found appreciation for life.

Moral of the story – prepare for impact. We just never know what life will throw at us. I truly believe that everyone should be working on a “residual” income stream – whether that’s in Network Marketing or something else. There’s nothing more freeing than choosing NOT to trade our time for a pay check – should something unexpected come our way.

I’d love for you to be one of the first to know when my books launch this year.

The two topics are:

1. How to build an empire through network marketing

2. Cracking the code to Vitality + Well-being (ideal for ‘busy’ moms & entrepreneurs)

The intention was to write ONE book. But after writing and writing (& writing lol)….they turned into two!….which i’m happy about because they are two great topics that I’m super passionate about, packed with valuable info.

Click here to get notified when my book launches.


To health + happiness,

Deborah Xo

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