Can you be a high achiever AND have balance in your personal life?!

by Jun 18, 2021LEADERSHIP

Can you be a high achiever AND have balance in your personal life?!

by | Jun 18, 2021 | LEADERSHIP

Yes, if you believe you can, you can! You can be excited and inspired to go after your dreams while having balance and inner peace. How? There are different methods.

Here are 3 practices I’ve incorporated into my routine that have helped tremendously:


1. Get present

For years I lived in the future, thinking about ‘the next goal and the next goal after that’ without even finishing the first few goals. I was rushing through life and was missing the beautiful journey along the way. This caused me overwhelm and DIS-ease. The only place you can be in harmony is the present moment. The past is done, the future is an illusion and when the future does show up it only shows up as a moment of now.

If you get good at being present you will release the negative emotions that create stress – and be able to achieve your goals AND feel good in the process. It’s a win-win.


2. You can change how you feel in a heart beat!

In each moment you get to choose how you want to feel. Have a self check-in every 2 hrs (remind yourself on your phone) to see how you’re doing and ask yourself “am I working from a state of joy or stress?” If you’re feeling a bit tired, maybe you need to take a short break and go exercise and get back into your body. Sometimes we get so caught up in our head and our to-do list that stress can start to creep in. Which is all good, no need to make yourself wrong, just get back into balance. Take a few deep breaths, connect with the present moment and recommit to work from a place of joy.


3. What you resist persists

When you’re running your own business, things can get messy and don’t always go as planned. The reason we get stressed out is because we think things should be another way from how the current situation is. I’ve learned to just ‘let go’ of what I can’t control and accept what is. Maybe it’s unfolding that way for a certain reason – maybe there’s a lesson to be learned. The faster you stop wishing things are different then they are and start dealing with things the way they actually are, you’ll feel much better! That’s because you get into alignment with the flow of life rather then working against it.


To health + happiness,

Deborah Xo

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