How to stay calm during this global crisis


How to stay calm during this global crisis

by | Jun 20, 2021 | HEALTH, LEADERSHIP

9 Tips to Help Your Mind & Body During This Time! 


Seeing a heck load of negativity these days is enough to sway anyone from being a normally calm person to one with panic and fear. I know this, because this was me the last couple of days – but that’s because i allowed myself to go there. But once i centered myself, I was able to get out of that place. So the truth is, as chaotic as the world may seem right now – supporting our current state of mind AND body can shift us into a more peaceful, healthier state.

Here are 9 tips that may help in supporting you to do that:

1. LIMIT NEWS/MEDIA: you may want to limit your exposure to anything thats going to trigger fear in you. Sometimes we don’t think its effecting us – but it does, on a subconscious level. I suggest turning off the news & notifications to Facebook (& maybe even removing the app all together). People will say “you have to know what’s going on” – but i disagree. The only thing we need to know right now is 1. What are the symptoms to be aware of and 2. Where to go/who to call, should someone get sick. Other then that, make sure you’re stocked up on food and refer to the list below for more tips. 

2. GRATITUDE. Changing our focus from what can go wrong to all of the things we can be grateful for – like the GIFT OF TIME! Now we can redirect our focus to things we may have been putting off, such as: playing games with our kids! I played scrabble with Gabriella last night & she must have told me “I love you” 5x during the game. Kids LOVE family time! Or maybe it’s time to finish that book on your night table, or go for a walk, spend time in nature, take that an online course, start an online business, listen to beautiful music….there’s so much we can do, that will allow us to get present & live in the moment! How great is that?

Note: the emotion of gratitude is the “polar” opposite of fear. Therefore, anytime you’re feeling anxious and stressed, place your hand on your heart, close your eyes and immediately think of 3 things that you’re grateful for (this can change your state immediately)!

3. BREATHE. Sit in silence. Relax your mind. Open the window to your room and get fresh air. Listen to calming & peaceful music, here are some suggestions: or

4. JOURNALING: what are you thinking? feeling? Get everything out of your mind. This can help take the weight and pressure off your mind and releasing it all onto paper.

5. SLEEP/NAP – there is no rush to go anywhere right now. Catch up on needed rest – this boosts the immune system. Your body will thank you!

6. EPSOM SALT BATH – can immediately help you relax, unwind, detox & reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

7. LAUGH – watch a comedy, FaceTime a friend & chat about funny memories, have a dance party or maybe get yourself on tiktok to lighten up the mood.

8. FOOD – choose to up your vitamin C & strengthen your immune system with foods, such as: lemon/lime, yellow bell peppers, strawberries, papaya, broccoli, kale, grapefruit, oranges, kiwi, wild blueberries, ginger, garlic, asparagus, raspberries, sweet potatoes, leafy greens. You can make bright, beautiful salads or delicious smoothies with all of these things. And eliminate foods that feed viruses (some of the big ones are: dairy, gluten and eggs).

9. ANTI-VIRAL SUPPORT – Lemon Balm, Cats Claw, L-Lysine, Micro-C, Liquid Zinc Sulfate, Liquid B12 (if you’re looking for some recommendations, check this out: Our immune system is our best friend. By supporting our body with supplements, this helps our bodies fight any foreign invaders.

The good news is that even if you do get the virus, many experience mild symptoms. I’m not saying to not take this seriously, as I know it could be deadly. But there’s been cases of both the elderly and newborn babies that have gotten the virus and safely recovered. Everyone needs to protect themselves and be cautious. But doing this from a place of calm, rather then a place of panic, is always a good thing.

Writing this list for you all helped to remind myself of what I needed to personally do, so that I could remain strong and healthy for my family. If this list helps you in any way, even as just a reminder when you need it, feel free to share it with others.

And one final reminder, we have been through other horrible times (SARS, 911, etc) & we’ve gotten through! Before we know it, this will be over too and life will carry on.

Until then, sending lots of love & positive vibes your way!!

    To health + happiness,

    Deborah Xo


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