Mastering Your Day!

by Feb 24, 2021WELLNESS

Mastering Your Day!
I still remember the days when I had no set schedule in terms of following a daily ritual. And with the constant noise & chaos that we’re surrounded by on a daily basis, it boggles my mind that I use to live like that! So here are 5 key things that I have been doing regularly for the last few years that have completely changed the game for me, so I can master my day!

Wake up early – The big take away for me was something called the 5am club created by Robin Sharma! He say’s, by waking up between 5-8am each day (also known as the ‘golden hours’), you will get more done in a day, than most people do in a month! So let’s just say, you start your day off at 5am & exercise for 30 – 60 minutes of activity – you are already DONE one of the most productive habits BEFORE sunrise! And at this point, you are feeling amazing from all of the endorphins rushing through your body (which are “feel good” chemicals) & you still have another 2 hours to go, before your day ‘really starts.’ So I would follow that up with meditation.

Meditate – I’ll admit. I never knew the importance of meditation, until I realized all of my idols I look up to – meditate! Sitting in stillness allows you to bring attention to your inner being and how you feel. It allows you to quiet your mind, shift your focus to gratitude and have a greater sense of inner peace and calm. Setting an intention for your day, the month & year are good ideas during a morning meditation. As you sit in silence and reflect on these thoughts, take note of any messages you receive, these are usually signs from the universe guiding you on ‘next steps’ to making your dreams a reality.

Journal – I personally love journaling (again, something I was never used to back in the day – but now, I can’t go a day without it)! Doing a brain dump (especially after a morning meditation) – makes me feel SO much lighter! I actually have a few a few journals for different areas of my life (health, business, etc). But one of my favourite ones is my ‘success’ journal. Anytime I have a win in my life, I write it down. Because if you don’t, it’s easily forgotten. Imagine looking back through your successes and big lessons you have learned. That’s what life is all about. Robin Sharma says, ‘your life is nothing but your moments in miniature.’

Inspiration – This can be something simple like a song that lights you up (whether it’s because of the beat or the words) OR perhaps you prefer listening to one of your favourite mentors on YouTube. Choose what feels best. Personally, I love killing two birds with one stone and listening to my inspiration ‘while’ I work out – this gets me EXCITED to go to the gym everyday!

Shower – Finally, you are ready to end your ‘golden hours’ with a nice COLD shower! And if you’re anything like me, I like my water HOT, but a cold shower shocks your system and will wake every cell up in your body! So by the time you are done, you are feeling SO good, SO refreshed & SO energized for your day!

So take a moment to imagine this, it is now 7:30 – 8am and everyone in your house is JUST waking up! But you on the other hand ~ have finished a work out, meditated, wrote in your journal, listened to an inspiring mentor & had a nice cold shower. How do you think you’ll engage in conversations with your family in this state? How about your team? Or your customers?! Implementing these 5 steps into a daily ritual for you, will be a complete game changer to feeling your best and mastering your day!

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