Why taking a risk can be a good thing!

by Feb 26, 2021LEADERSHIP

Why taking a risk can be a good thing!

by | Feb 26, 2021 | LEADERSHIP

If you were to tell me that I’d be starting ANOTHER new business from scratch (after pouring my heart & soul into my 1st one for 8 years), I wouldn’t have believed you. Because I already had the lifestyle that I loved – the freedom, the travel & all the ‘stuff’ that money can buy! So you might be thinking – why put yourself through it again? Well, the truth is – while it may not have made logical sense, I made this decision with my heart. And that’s how I make most of my decisions these days.

So here I am on this new journey of building a brand new health coaching business & there’s A LOT that goes into it – studying, admin, marketing, tech stuff, etc. Not to mention, lots of emotions that come up too! Being a team of one can make you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing at times. Nevertheless, experience so much growth that it makes everything exciting and worthwhile.

The amazing news though that I REALLY wanted to share at this time is that I am publishing my very first book!!! Draft #1 is almost complete -wooohooo!!!

Hardest part is nearly over, so I am thrilled to share that my launch date is getting closer. And now that it’s officially been declared to the social media world, the pressure is ON to get it DONE! haha

Why did I decide to write this book?


Well, the last 3 years have been a crazy (& bumpy) ride! And when you’re going through the bumps, often times it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel! BUT when you finally do and understand WHY everything unfolded the way it did – it’s a humbling experience! After all, what’s success without the failures? There are no lessons. And so my hope was to share what I’ve learned about being a busy mom and entrepreneur, who try’s to juggle it all & despite many roadblocks and health challenges, is finally able to maintain a sense of balance, inner peace and fulfillment.

Although this book idea has always been inside me, the idea of starting ‘another’ business had me going back and forth a million times. Doing something new with little guidance can be very scary and even costly; however, sometimes over-thinking an idea, can be costlier! I am proud I followed my heart and decided to have faith and trust in this process.

It’s time that the core of who I am and what I stand for lead the way with this new found business + passion project.


Deborah Xo

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