Are you tired of feeling ‘blah’ and want to tap into something you can do right NOW to turn this around?

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I know 2020 has gotten to many of  us – but have a listen to today’s quick episode! I promise you, these 3 steps are a complete game changer to uplift you in ANY situation!  

Enjoy 🙂

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Hey, guys, and welcome to episode number three of the three things that you can do right now to change how you feel. Because let’s face it, when you’re not feeling your best, it affects you at work, it can affect your family life. And overall, it can impact your entire well being. But the good news is that you can change this by doing three things that I learned from Tony Robbins that completely changed everything. For me. It’s called the triad. So the first thing is focus, what are you focusing on, because we’re focus goes energy flows. And I’ll give you a quick example. When I was first starting off as an entrepreneur, I was broke. And I would focus on that. So when it came time to investing into my business, I would invest the money, but I kept focusing on the fact that I was broke. So I’d be thinking things like, Oh, my God, I’m spending too much money. I hope I make that money back. And so I was choosing to focus on fear, which just planted seeds of doubt into my mind. So when you focus on the negative, it brings more negative energy into your life. So take note of how you feel right now. Do you feel happy and inspired? If so incredible, right. But if you don’t, what do you feel? Do you feel sad, frustrated, discouraged, because once you acknowledge your feelings, you can then narrow that down and follow that train of thought that resulted in those feelings, right? So what’s the dialogue going on in your head, acknowledge it, be aware of it, but then change your focus, because focus equals feeling. So instead, how about focusing your attention away from the negative and focusing on the positive. So finding things to be certain about, like, for example, in my, you know, situation where I was talking about being an entrepreneur at the beginning, I started to switch my focus from fear to certainty. So for example, I was telling myself in my head that I’m not spending this money, I’m investing this money, and I’m going to not only make that money back, but I’m going to quadruple it. So this made me instantly feel better. And we all have the ability to change our focus within a heartbeat. Tony Robbins actually says change your expectations to appreciation and your whole world changes. This is one of my favorite statements that he says because it’s so true, right? Change your expectations to appreciation, right? You’re changing your focus there, and then you’re instantly feeling better. Okay, number two is physiology. This is a big one. Because how many times do you sit at a desk for a while without moving and you just feel so tired, and you know, you don’t feel your best? Or let’s just say you’re at school, and you’re listening to this long lecture, and you know, you’re yawning, right? But let’s just say, you know, you forced yourself to go for a two minute walk, you know, taking a little break, how quickly do you feel better, right, instantly. That’s because our physiology changes how we feel. So anytime you find yourself feeling tired, or stressed, or just not a peak state, get yourself moving, okay? Again, whether it’s taking a small break, standing up stretching, or maybe turning on your favorite song and dancing, whatever the case may be, just get your body moving. And something to take note of as well, that emphasizes this point is if you think of somebody who’s really excited to happy, what’s their body language, like, because usually yours, you’ll see that their chest is up and their head is high. But if you think of somebody who’s really upset at something, their physiology is completely different. Right? They probably don’t have eye contact, maybe they’re looking down. Maybe they’re hunched over, right? So change your physiology, and then you will change how you feel. Number three is language. And I’m going to give you a perfect example of this. Because anytime I reach out to call my dad, we always ask each other how we’re doing. Right? And for him, his response 99% of the time is not too bad, right? And this is his response, even on a great day. And so I was telling him that words have a direct reflection on how we feel. So I was like, Why don’t say things like, you know, I’m doing amazing and great, because then that will turn into how you feel. And you’ll start to have pretty amazing days instead of days that are just not too bad. Right. So, just to give you another example, that illustrates this point really well is Keynesian. back to when you had a really, really bad argument with someone? How did you feel after that? Because I know for me if I get into an argument, right, which is not that often these days because I make an effort, not to argue, but it makes me sick to my stomach, right. So this is exactly what I’m talking about. Pay careful attention to the language that you’re using, and shift your focus on positive, uplifting words so that you can always feel your best. So there you go, those are three things that you can do instantly to change how you feel. Okay, so just to recap, number one is changing your focus, because we’re focus goes, energy flows, and focus equals feeling. Number two, change your physiology, do whatever you have to do to get yourself into a peak state. If you’re sitting stand, you know, take a walk, just get your body moving, head should be high chest up. And then number three is language because the words that you use have a direct influence on your body, which in turn reflects how you feel. Guys, this information was a complete game changer for me, it helped me in all areas of my life. So I really hope me sharing this with you inspires you to do the same. And I hope that you feel the same way. So that’s it for now. Guys, thank you so much for joining me in this quick episode. And until next time, awaken your inner happiness. Bye, guys. Thank you so much for listening. And if this podcast resonated with you in any way, you can find more of them on my website at deborah That’s And if you can take a second to share these with your friends, I would be forever grateful! Thanks again for tuning in. Until next time, lots of love! Xo

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