In today’s episode I talk about what it means to be living a “healthy lifestyle” – because far too often we refer to a healthy lifestyle as simply “diet & exercise” and then later find ourselves struggling and not sure why. So in today’s quick episode I get right down to the basics about what it actually means to achieve a total picture of wellness – where we consider not only the food on our plate, but the food off our plate.

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This is the Healthy Healing Mastery podcast, where I help you transform beginning with the foods you eat then moving into mindset shift and all the limiting beliefs that may be keeping you in this state and finally environmental health because of surroundings. We live in directly impact the quality of our health and our life. So, if you’re ready to take responsibility and walk this path with me, then you’re in the right place welcome. I’m your host Deborah Lobart. Let’s begin.  Hey guys, welcome back. Today I thought to dive into the topic of holistic health in terms of what does that even mean? And why is it important? And what can we start to do on this journey of holistic healing. And I bring this up for one main reason…because far too many people think that living a healthy lifestyle is just about diet and exercise and I certainly believe that myself. I live my entire life believing that that’s all it took to be healthy, and that is so far from the truth Unfortunately, I learned it the hard way from doing everything wrong at first then suffering the consequences and because of it, I had to spend the next five years of my life trying to reclaim my health. So, this is why I’m bringing it up in today’s topic about holistic health and holistic healing. Now, there’s a quote that I came across five years ago when I started down this path and its stuck with me and that quote is this. “Health is influenced not only by the physical body, but by the spiritual, the emotional, and the mental bodies too. Your total health is dependent on all four.” Okay, and you may have heard about this, and I know I certainly heard about that, but it was the first time that I actually looked at my health in this way. Okay, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought I really haven’t been living a healthy lifestyle for pretty much my entire life. So, let’s think about this. What can we start doing to get on this journey of holistic health and holistic healing? I’m going to actually give you a few different tips here. Okay. So, let’s start with emotional health. I want you to take inventory. Okay, what are your top two emotions that you’re feeling on a consistent basis? Okay, cuz I don’t know about you, but when I consciously thought about my emotional state back in the day, I was constantly feeling negative emotions. Like I was frustrated all the time. I was angry. I felt anxious and although it makes logical sense that it’s not healthy to feel those emotions. I didn’t consciously think about it when I was living my life, right? Like I was feeling all these things all the time, but I didn’t consciously think about it and think oh my God, that’s so unhealthy. You know…I need to stop. Like I was just living my life, going for the daily motions when I was at work, taking care of my kids, and I wasn’t realizing how this state of living and being was affecting me. Like I was just a ball of built-up emotions and it was taking a massive toll on my health and well-being. And imagine doing that and carrying these emotions for years. And what’s super unhealthy is keeping these emotions inside right? Like I would hide my true emotions and I think a lot of people do like we pretend everything is okay in our world, but the only person that were fooling as ourselves, so this is something we need to deal with so that we can properly heal because the quality of our emotions equals the quality of our lives and that’s a Tony Robbins quote. I love it. Its stuck with me and you really really want to be conscious about your emotions. So, here’s an exercise for you ok, again looking at your own life. How are you feeling when you’re doing your day-to-day tasks with the people that you love most? Because were usually on her best behavior when we’re socializing with friends or co-workers. But how are you really feeling when you’re at home and you’re talking to your family or your spouse or kids? So, take inventory. Okay, because you know, I want you to become conscious of this and do your best to replace a negative emotion with a positive 1. Okay like choosing love over fear. Right? Ask yourself in certain situations. How would love respond in the situation? How would somebody who consistently lives in gratitude respond in a specific situation? Right? I’m sure it’s very different than someone who’s living on edge and always screaming at their kids and they’re always stressed-out right? You’re going to respond very differently when you’re in this High vibration. The number to next thing is how our mindset? And there is a difference between our emotional health and our mental health okay. How do we take control of our mental health? Like what kinds of things are we saying to ourselves? What’s our self-talk like? Are we being nice to ourselves? Are we are we are reacting to situations and I’ll give you an example because you know, when I was building my business, I would set all these monthly targets and if I didn’t hit them, I would beat myself up and think “Oh my God, you know, I should have worked a little bit harder” or “I should have been at a higher level in my business already” or “I should have promoted to the next rank.” You know, why is taking so long? Like and  I was just constantly be frustrating I would beat myself up. And now when I think about it, this is it’s not uncommon. Like, in fact this is how most of our brains operate, you know, we’ll set these goals and then we’ll get frustrated with ourselves because we didn’t hit them. But what if we looked at it from a different perspective? Okay. How about celebrating How Far We’ve Come instead of beating ourselves up okay? Or how about giving ourselves a pat on the back and realizing that were much closer to hitting our Target next month? And if it doesn’t happen, that’s okay too. Like, well just get closer and closer every month until we finally get there, so taking the pressure off. That’s a healthier mindset. And it’s going to be a lot less stressful on our mind. So again, like our mindset can really take a toll on her health if were not being conscious about, you know, our thoughts and how were reacting to things. So, again take inventory. How are you showing up for yourself? What are some key things that you tell yourself daily that may not be serving you and your health? And what can you switch it with to set yourself up for Better Health and better success? And third thing is our spiritual health. So, I like to look at this as how alive do you feel? Is your soul happy because I find that when people are more spiritual and they’re connected to their soul. They feel almost like like a genuine sense of more calm and inner peace. And you know, I know that we can do our best to to monitor all that and and monitor our emotional in her mental health but if our spiritual health isn’t in check, then we can still feel like our life is chaotic. So, what kind of things can we incorporate into our day-to-day life which will help us to live more spiritual? Personally, one of my favorite things to do is just spending time in nature. Okay as simple as that sounds just a half an hour walk with my dog in my neighborhood is enough to give me a boost of energy. And I just feel amazing. When were in this constant do do do mode and were not taking a break to smell the roses and to enjoy the journey that were on, we like we feel depleted and you know, what are we really doing this all for like what’s the point? So were not really living unless were being mindful of the little things. So, enjoy the scenery when you go for a walk, enjoy the fresh air, and enjoy moving her body. And guys understand…maybe things are harder with all these covid restrictions right now, but just taking 10 minutes that’s all it really takes. Just a little 10-minute break and just going outdoors. Or maybe another spiritual practice for you could be spending time meditating or prayer. Do whatever feels right for you. And the last thing is just looking at your physical health. This is something that we all know when we hear about.  Unfortunately, this is you know, something that there’s so much misinformation about do when it comes to our physical bodies because you were talking about working out and food and there is a ton of information out there. It’s hard to really know what’s true. What’s not true. But one thing is for sure, and always remains the common denominator, is introducing more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Okay. There is nothing that’s going to harm you when you’re upping your fruits and vegetables. If anything is going to raise your energy and you know, when you think about it just looking at a bowl of fruit, you know that you’re giving your body life when you add that to your body. And an easy way to incorporate it is just by having fresh smoothies and salads and you know as a mom this is great one for me personally because its super simple and they’re super quick. So, that’s all I have for you today guys. I hope this gave you a new perspective on what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. We really want to consider all aspects of a person when it comes to their health, right so their mind their emotions their soul. And of course, their physical body.



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